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Market Research Analyst

Job Duties:

  • Design and implement marketing plan, and generate and test predictive models based on situation analysis, business, and marketing objectives, etc.;

  • Structure business proposal, help prepare and review marketing materials;

  • Provide ongoing market reporting; identify opportunities for new projects, new services, target markets or enhancements of existing services;

  • Research national pool of job-seeking platforms in the same area with Liepin North America;

  • Conduct company competition analysis and advice on business strategy development;

  • Cooperate in team environment with Business Development Team;

  • Implement comprehensive pricing strategies;

  • Locate and develop relationship with potential business and individual customers in both China and the U.S.; establish contacts with current and future customers using CRM and ERP;

  • Evaluate sources of information to determine any limitations in terms of reliability or usability.



  • Bachelor’s degree in in in Marketing, Business Administration or in a closely related discipline;​

  • Must be authorized to work legally in the United States.

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Public Relations Specialist

Job Duties:

  • Study the objectives, promotional policies of Liepin to develop public relations strategies;

  • Perform work related public affairs activities;

  • Explore and maintain business relationships to develop potential opportunities of cooperation or partnership;

  • Plan, create and develop suitable informative programs and channels to maintain public perceptions of Liepin’s services’ favorability;

  • Work closely with external PR resources to develop creative and integrated programs;

  • Develop and implement comprehensive communications plans;

  • Generate steady volume of press releases, pitches, and articles that support Liepin’s services and perform related job duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Business Administration, Communications or in a closely related discipline;

  • Ability to multi-task and adhere to strict deadlines;

  • Must be authorized to work legally in the United States.

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